Facebook Ads Automated Rules – Make More Money Doing Less

This tutorial will go through how to use Facebook ad rules click by click and all the different ways you can use them to help manage your campaigns more successfully.

As you start to grow and scale your Facebook ad campaigns your quickly realise the time it takes to optimise them increases significantly.

One of the best ways to free up some of your valuable time is to start using Facebook’s automated ad rules.

Facebook ad rules are a real game-changer allowing you to improve the performance without relying on tedious manual optimisation drastically.

You can combine different KPI metrics when defining rule conditions, and combined this with different actions to be taken upon your account, ad sets and ads.

You can apply rules of the campaign level, the ad set level and the ad level. You can also use ads to manage the hours of the date you wish your ads to be showing for as well.

There are hundreds of different conditions and KPIs you can use to manage and optimise your Facebook ad campaigns.

You can optimise for such things such as cost per specific lead, cost per result cost per lead cost per like. You may also manage your campaign in regards to frequency, reach and other metrics.

You can decide what actions will be applied your campaign, ad set or ad. Some more common actions are turning your campaign, ad set, ad to active or inactive.

You can increase or decrease the spend per campaign or ad set. Plus many others. You may also set the attribution window to make sure that your automated Facebook ad rules are not making judgements on small-time periods or small sets of data.


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