Facebook Ads For Builders, Contractors & Construction Companies

I’ll Take You Through A Strategy Generating $84 Million In Business For One Contracting Business

How do you create a successful Facebook ads marketing campaign for your contracting, building or construction business?

What I am going to show you today is how to create a unique Facebook strategy that is working like crazy for my contracting, building and construction clients around the world.

Furthermore, I’m going to show you a contracting business that using this exact model that does over $84 million in revenue per year.

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Video Explaining The Entire Funnel:

The strategy

If you’re a contractor, builder or construction business you know that your services are some of the most expensive purchases anyone will undertake in their lifetime.

And because of that cost along with the complexity that comes with your services people do not make a decision on who their service provider will be in a split second.

Just like how people do not make a decision to marry someone on a first date. Your prospects are not making a decision whether to use your services or a competitor service based on the first ad they see or website visit.

Your prospect needs to learn more about what you do, how you do it and to find proof and credibility that supports that the work you do is of good quality.

This strategy gets people early on in their buying cycle. And allows you to capture them and nurture them into red-hot leads. This process makes it so much easier for you to close deals because the prospects are already qualified.

The strategy starts with a simple Facebook ad offering a small quiz in order to help the prospect learn something specific about your service (you’ll see examples below). The prospect then goes to a landing page where they can complete the survey.

Before getting the results the prospect enters in their email address. This allows you to create an email automation sequence that educates, persuades and provides the proven credibility the prospect needs to make the decision that you’re the right service provider for what they want.

The Facebook Ad

Facebook ad for a construction company

You can see that this ad is relatively simple. It’s not trying to overcomplicate or sell the actual service because that is not the intention of the ad.

The primary goal of this ad is to persuade the prospect to simply click the ad. And along with this set the intention that they will go through a quiz and learned something that gives them the answer to a specific question that they have about your product or service or a benefit about your product or service.

I have tried this ad with my own clients featuring only one kitchen and it has never worked as well as featuring three or four kitchens like the above image. I feel there is more curiosity power when you feature three kitchens and you’re able to capture more attention by using three kitchen images.

I do not recommend using Carousel ads or video-based ads to promote your surveys or quizzes. The reason is first, they are not necessary and it’s overkill. Secondly, because the offer to complete the quiz or survey is such a low ticket item you do not want to overcomplicate the process.

Facebook Ads Targeting 

The targeting is the most important aspect within your Facebook ads campaign. You may have the world’s greatest Facebook ad with awful targeting and you will generate no leads.

On the other hand, if you have laserlike targeted audiences with an average ad you will still generate good leads. 

It’s impossible to sell something to somebody who has no desire or intent to buy it. Hence why you’re targeting is so important.

I have two recommendations when it comes to targeting.

Firstly, you want to be using lookalike audiences. These are insane powerful audiences that are based on the demographics, psychographics and behaviours of your existing customers and/or prospects that have interacted with your business in the past.

What you do is give Facebook a list of your past customers and/or prospects (you want at least 400) and what Facebook will do is analyse this audience. It will then create a lookalike audience finding all the people in your geographical area that have shown intent to want your services. 

Just think about how powerful that is?

Secondly, if you do not have enough past customers or past prospects this is a workaround.

You want to create a video demonstrating and talking about the core product or service that you want to offer. I recommend this video being 90 seconds to 2 minutes in length. And what you can do with this audience is to take people who have watched 50% or 75% or more of the video and place them into an audience.

These people have shown through their behaviour that they are interested in your service. You can now show these people additional ads relating to your service. Helping you build a relationship.

Secondly, you can build a lookalike audience based on 50% or 75% viewership of the video. This powerful little tactic will help you significantly scale your Facebook ads marketing along with getting you far better results.

The Landing Page 

This Is What You Shouldn’t Do

Kitchen magic here has two steps for you to get to the actual quiz. To make matters worse as you can see from the image above you cannot see the button to start the quiz. the button is located below the fold making it a little harder for the prospect to start their quiz.

In fact, there are many more problems with this landing page. On this landing page, there are multiple competing calls to actions. You have “book my free estimate”. And you also have “request a free in-home estimate”.

Along with these multiple calls to actions, there are multiple distractions competing for the prospect’s attention. You need to remember that the intent from the Facebook ad was to complete a quiz. Therefore the prospect is coming in with the intention to complete that quiz. Don’t make it hard for the prospect to do what they intended to do. 

Their Second Landing Page (Where They Should Be Sending Visitors)

This landing page is definitely the page they should be sending visitors to from the Facebook ad. This page does a wonderful job of greasing the slide of getting people to start their quiz.

There are limited distractions and no competing calls to action. You see a brief introduction to the quiz and then the quick explanation of the benefits of completing the quiz.

I have no idea why they are sending people to the initial landing page adding an unnecessary step along with the multiple conversion rate optimisation principles that have been broken on that specific landing page.

Quiz Questions

Question 1

Question 2

Question 3

Question 4

Question 5

Email Opt-in To Receive Your Answer To The Quiz

You’ll notice a few things when it comes to the questions used in this quiz. Firstly, the questions are easy and simple to understand. You do not need a lot of knowledge around kitchens in order to answer them.

The questions also get the person to think about the kitchen that they want. It’s getting the prospect to imagine their new kitchen and somewhat place themselves in that kitchen. This is a little bit like the neuro-linguistic programming technique of “future pacing”. 

The last question does seem to be a little bit of a prequalification question. It will allow Kitchen Magic to gather a small piece of information relating to the prospect. 

Creating An Email Automation Sequence

As I spoke about earlier in case you have skipped some of this post. These leads are only lukewarm leads at best. You know that they have the intent to want to a new kitchen. But they haven’t shown intent to want a new kitchen from you yet.

This is where the email automation sequence comes into play. Now that you have the email contact details of the prospect you need to create a sequence of emails that will nurture the prospect into becoming a raving hot lead.

I recommend anywhere from 6 to 12 emails and emailing the prospect every 2 to 4 days. This may sound like heavy-handedness to you. But I assure you that you want to strike why the iron is hot.

With the series of emails, you want to introduce yourself personally to the prospect along with your company. Next, you want to be answering common questions around the product or service that you offer. You want to be offering the most desirable and helpful information to your prospect to help position you as the authority and go-to resource for your product or service.

Intermittently throughout the email automation sequence, you want to offer emails that go through the results you have achieved for your clients. Make sure that you’re telling the whole story with before and after images along with testimonials from the client.


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