Google Ads: How to turn Crap Ads Into High Converting Persuasive Art

How do you go about creating ads that will pull your ideal prospects and convert them into higher paying customers?

Watch over my shoulder as I go about turning terrible ads into high persuasive winners. I show you step-by-step on how to implement the psychological and persuasion hacks that will turn your Google ads into campaign winners.

In Google AdWords, you only get a little bit of space to capture the attention of your ideal prospects. People drastically underestimate the persuasive power this small amount of tax has on your overall conversion rate for the desired action on your landing page.

Here is the link to the how-to tutorial on how to write perfect persuasive Google ads:

Video Chapters: AD One Roofing: 3:05 AD Two Accounting: 11:30 AD Three Bathroom Renovation: 21:25 AD Four Guest Speaking: 33:58 AD Five Medical Supplies Eccommerce: 39:29


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I am trying to help 1000 businesses across the world double their revenue (or more) with my YouTube Channel, Blog or through my consulting services. I believe one of the best moral activities one may contribute to his fellow man is teaching hence why I spend so much time producing long detailed content that provides the strategy and practical hacks & tips that drive your sales. Unlike many consultants, I have used my skills to build my businesses. I have made mistakes and had successes, and I want to share with you what works. I am always happy to speak to people about marketing and business. By talking to people, I can learn more at a faster pace. So if you want to schedule a time ever to talk, contact me.

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