Google Ads Tutorial 2019: How Million Dollar Campaigns Are Created

Google Adwords Tutorial 2019: Want to know the inside secrets of setting up a successful Google Ads campaign for your business that will generate leads that are itching to give you money?

This step-by-step tutorial is a comprehensive start to finish guide on how you can set up a lucrative Google AdWords campaign for your business in under an hour.

You and I will go through everything from the basics of account settings and keyword research right through to some of the most advanced optimizations that will hold you in good stead even in the most competitive of industries.

Video Chapters:

How to Set up Billing: 1:59 How to Link Google Ads and Google Analytics: 3:20 How to Set up Conversion Tracking: 5:10 Setting up Your First Campaign: 21:20 Selecting the Correct Settings: 23:14 Adding Ad Extensions: 36:43 Setting up Ad Groups: 41:51 How to Structure Your Ad Groups: 42:12 Keyword Match Types: 45:25 Writing Your Ads: 48:49 What to Do Once You Have Finished Setting up Your Campaign: 52:55

Google Ads 2019 Optimization Series:…

Additional resources to help improve your campaign: Keyword research video: Account structure video: How to evaluate search partners: Device type optimization and targeting: How to write high converting Google ads: Negative keyword research optimization: How to improve your quality score: How to target specific locations and optimize locations:


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Setting up your Google ads campaigns with the right settings and structure is imperative to getting a good result for your business. Here are some of the aspects you need to pay close attention to when setting up your new campaigns:

Linking Google Ads and Google Analytics: it is very important that your Google analytics account is connected with your Google ads account as it allows you to gather more insightful data and metrics about the performance of your campaigns.

It also allows you to import goals and see engagement metrics for specific campaigns, ad groups and keywords. You Need to Set up Conversion Tracking: you do not want to be flying blind within your campaigns.

You want to know exactly what is driving your conversions so you can optimise and scale your campaigns to drive more revenue and profit for your business.

By setting up conversion tracking you will know which ads, keywords, devices, demographics etcetera are driving your conversions allowing you to dedicate more of your budget to the best performing aspects of your campaign.

It will also allow you to stop spending money in areas of your campaign that do not drive conversions. Make Sure You Select the Correct Settings: many times one audit a new Google ads account I see people that have selected the incorrect settings around location targeting, bidding strategies, ads deliverability et cetera.

Choosing the incorrect settings for your campaign and business model can severely damage the performance you get from Google ads.

Use Ad Extensions: by using ad extensions within your campaigns you take up more real estate within the Google search results. This improves your click-through rate, therefore, increases your quality score and combine this can lower your cost per click.


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