How To Build An Email List For Builders, Contractors And Construction Companies

The Real Reason Why You Want To Build An Email List

The number one reason why you want to build an email list for your building, contracting or construction company is for one reason and one reason only.

“And that reason is money.”

The amount of money generated by email every day is astronomical. As you probably know I specialise working with builders contractors and construction companies. But also work in many other industries.

And no matter what industry I am working in email always produces the best return on investment bar none.

Nothing works better than email traffic.

The Video:

Why Build An Email List

  • Email is personal – you have absolute control over email. You can write a personal email or an email that is specific to a segment of your list. There are just so many ways to utilise the personalisation power of email.
  • There is a purpose behind email – you can set whatever objective you want for each and every email that you send. 
  • The closest thing to push-button money – email is the closest thing that I know that allows a business to push a button and money spits out the other end, why not get in on the act?
  • You have control – you have absolute control over your email list and the messaging behind all your emails to that list.
  • You own the email list as an asset – your email list is not an asset that shows up on the P&L, but it’s an incredible marketing asset that is so underutilised I cannot put into words to justify just how much businesses are missing out by not using email properly.
  • Social media marketing leverage – you can leverage your email list within your social media marketing be it retargeting or creating lookalike audiences to help scale your marketing even further
  • These are just some of the powerful aspects that email can have for your business. There are so many I’m not going to list more.

 Let’s continue on with the practical information of this post

The Strategy

What you are trying to do using an email automation sequence is to capture the information of prospects that are interested in your products or services. 

With this information, you will be able to take that prospect through a relationship-building email sequence that will take cold prospects and turn them into hot prospects.

In my opinion, the best way to think about what an email opt-in and an email automation sequence strategy can do for you is to relate to it like marriage and dating.

Imagine you were to go on a first date and the person you meet up with at the end of the date asks you to marry them.

How would you answer? If you’re any kind of normal you would have to consider this as an outrageous question considering the stage of the relationship you are in.

You barely know the person and they barely know you. The worst-case scenario is they could be a serial killer. You have not got enough information and spent enough time with them in order to evaluate whether you both will make a suitable partner for one another. 

What an email automation sequence can do for you is to take your prospects on a series of dates. Constantly educating them and persuading them about your business and services. By which time when you finally ask for marriage (the sale) your chances of success are substantially higher.

Some of the best ways to do this are:

Exit Pop-Up

You allocated resources in order to generate traffic to your website. Now you want to get everything you can from the traffic you are generating, that seems reasonable doesn’t it?

You should be using exit-intent pop-ups. You simply place a script on your website that the text when a visitor is about to exit your website. Just before they exit a pop-up appears with an incentive for the prospect to hand new their email address in exchange for something beneficial to them.

Facebook Retargeting

Because you are in the construction, building or contracting industry your services are among the most expensive your prospects will engage with in their life.

Therefore, your prospects will spend time researching which service provider best suits their needs. Hence, you may not get a lead from the first interaction you have with a prospect.

This is where retargeting can help you tremendously.

With retargeting you are able to show ads on Facebook to people that have interacted with your website and potentially other forms of your marketing.

An example would be, a prospect visits your website and visits four pages and leaves without becoming a lead. Over the next 30 days, you can show you this prospect a series of different ads, one of which being a lead magnet incentive in order to get their email contact details to put them into an email automation sequence.

Facebook Cold Traffic

Facebook is incredibly powerful. The majority of businesses including your competitors do not know how to use Facebook Ads properly. 

For instance, you are able to create a list of your client’s information hand that over to Facebook where they’ll analyse the demographics, psychographics and behaviours of those people. Then Facebook will find all the people that are similar to the people that have done business with you in the past in your geographical location and group them.

You will then be able to show ads to these people that have a particularly high interest in your product or service.

You may show ads to these prospects leading them to a lead magnet incentive which again you can place them into an email automation sequence.

Google Ads Retargeting

This is almost identical to the Facebook retargeting method above. Except for this time you’re running ads on the Google display network.

The power of repetition has an incredible effect on your prospects. With potential prospects seeing your ads on Google search, within their Facebook feed and on the Google display network you will appear much more authoritative and appear to have a far larger brand than all your competitors.

What To Offer As A Lead Magnet (Incentive)

When it comes to your lead magnet there are multiple possibilities that you may choose from. Though in my experience a select handful that work better than others.

First, you want to remember it’s not so much the object that you offer that important. It could be an e-book, white paper, checklist et cetera. But rather are you offering something that your ideal prospect will want and be almost compelled to have?

Your lead magnet or incentive has to be relevant to the service that you offer. Some people will offer the chance to win $500 or an iPad et cetera. These simply do not work as they appeal to the general public. You only want to appeal to your most ideal prospects, people that are interested in your service.

Hence why I find offering people buyers guide in and around your service works incredibly well.

You have to remember people are geniuses in their own fields of work. If they knew the ins and outs of the service that you provide they would probably do it themselves. Hence they are looking for information to make better decisions around multiple facets of your service.

You can help people regarding tips to save money, enhance the quality of the finished service, questions on how to vet a service provider, common mistakes and the list goes on.

Above is an example of an ebook that I created for a bathroom renovation business I work with. In 2019 an average of 41 people per month gave their email address in order to get this e-book. This business is not in a large city at all, the city has a population of just under 500,000 people.

493 people (I rounded down the number 41) received this e-book in 2019. This resulted in 46 good quality leads generated for this business. In the lead resulted in 15 bathroom renovation projects that wouldn’t have happened without this strategy. 

I estimated that this lead magnet and email automation sequence netted the business around $250,000.

What Type Of Emails Do You Write? 

This is by far the trickiest part and where most people fail. They have no idea what type of emails to write, how to write them and how many to include in an email automation sequence.

Fortunately, I’m going to answer most of these questions for you.

#1 Email

In this email, you’re delivering your lead magnet to your prospect. In this email, you’re also building up the hype set a prospect does actually read your lead magnet.

Remember you have to sell the sizzle. You have to persuade people to read it just like how on television they show you snippets of movies and TV shows to whet your appetite in order to get you to watch. You need to do the same.

At the end of this first email, you want to create an open-loop again like TV shows where they leave you on a cliffhanger. You want to make the prospect open your next email. So perhaps you have a common question you haven’t answered in your lead magnet tell the prospect you’re going to answer that question in your next email.

#2 Email

This is a welcome email. You are not answering open-loop you created in the previous one. I know that sounds a little bit shady but believe me, it works.

In this email you’re introducing yourself and what the prospect can expect from you in future emails.

You want to tell the prospect about whitelisting your email address so your emails never go to spam.

And you want to introduce them to your social media pages so they can start building a relationship with this prospect on all fronts.

#3 Email

In this email, you want to personally introduce yourself as the owner of the business and answer the promise you created in the first email. Don’t forget to talk about your personal history of how you got started in this industry and include a photo of yourself as painful as that may be.

Share with the prospect the why about why you got into the business. The “why” is one of the most compelling and persuasive arguments you can put forth to your prospect don’t gloss over this fact.

#4 Email


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