Proven Facebook Ads Strategy for Construction, Contractors & Builders Step-By-Step

If you’re looking to learn how to generate leads on Facebook for your building, construction or contracting business this is the post that will show you how to do it.

If you’re like me you probably want validation if this post is worth reading?

Here are some screen capture images of results from my clients using this exact strategy in this post. 

This image shows a residential home builder generating leads for just over $11 over a 14 day period.

This image shows the results for a custom home builder generating leads for just under $25 over a 14 day period.

You will be able to generate very similar results to this for your building, construction or contracting business after reading this post.

The Video Explaining Step-by-Step

How The Strategy Works?

The best part of the strategy it doesn’t matter where the traffic is coming from. The only consideration you need to think about when it comes to traffic is:

 “what traffic sources do your prospects interact with that you can use to target them?”

Essentially marketing comes down to showing a good message to a group of people that are interested in your service. Remember that you cannot create an interest in your service. It’s hard to convince someone to build a new home that has no interest in building a new home.

Therefore you’re only trying to convince people that are interested in your service to become a lead within your business.

One Key Principle To Remember

When it comes to your service that you provide it’s one of the most expensive purchases or investments someone will make in their lifetime. Hence, people do not take the decision of who they pick lightly.

They will spend time researching and investigating which company can best suit their needs for the budget they have.

I like to think of it like marriage. Asking for marriage on a first date is not a great decision. Neither person knows a great deal about each other therefore they cannot make a decision to spend the rest of their life with each other based upon one simple date.

This is the same for your marketing. You do not want to be trying to convince someone to purchase your services based upon the first interaction. Rather you want to be building a relationship that builds enhances your credibility and proof of your ability to do great work.

People do not buy your service for two reasons. One: they simply can’t afford what you offer and there is no way to fix this.

Second, they do not believe that you can do what you say you can do. In your marketing has to do everything possible to overcome this objection and that’s what this strategy is all about.

Phase 1: The Awareness Stage

In this phase, your key objective is to generate leads and create awareness. Out of the targeted audiences that I will talk about later in the post you’re trying to get the attention of prospects that are in the market for your services. You also have the ability to generate leads at this stage. 

As you capture the attention of prospects that are interested in your services you are able to move them through the marketing funnel creating different marketing messages in order to persuade them to become a lead with your business.

The way in which you do this is by remarketing. It is a simple to set up tactic that allows you to leverage the very most out of your marketing.

People who interact with your awareness stage Facebook ads are put into a custom audience or group that you can show repetitive messages to. This strategy allows you to build relationships over time while having control.

You can do this based on behaviour which is by far the best way to narrow down your marketing audiences. Because people who have shown interest in your services through their behaviour have more intent to become a lead for your business.

An example would be, you have a video that runs for two minutes and you make a Facebook ad with this video. You are able to group people into a custom audience based on the amount of time they watched the video. You can group people that watch 50% or more of the video into a group allowing you to show repeated messages to them. 

You should also remarket to people who have interacted with your image-based ads and messenger based ads as well.

Phase 2: The Interest/Consideration Stage

The targeting of your Facebook ads throughout the interest and consideration stage is simple. You are creating custom audiences based upon people who interacted with your awareness based ads. 

As mentioned in the previous section, you may have a two-minute video that creates hype and desire around your service. You may tell Facebook for people who watch 50% or more of that video to be placed in a specific group called a custom audience.

This allows you to target those people who through their behaviour showed interest in your particular service. This level of targeting allows you to cultivate and nurture our relationship in a way that you have full control.

The Interest stage is different from the awareness stage. Now your objective is to generate leads and to nurture the relationship of people in the awareness stage.

As already stated the two main reasons why people do not purchase your service is because they do not have the money or they do not believe you can do what you say you can do for them.

Throughout the consideration stage, your Facebook ads should be concerned with proving the credibility and quality of your work. Enhancing your credibility and proof can be done in many different ways.

You may use before and after photos in combination with testimonials from customers which I have found work incredibly well together.

You may have a video talking about your unique value proposition. The unique way in which you go about the work that separates you from your competitors and gives you an edge in quality or some other valuable differentiator.

You may talk about your awards and successes and things of this nature. This validates that you have been shown to be credible in the eyes of third-party organisations related to your industry.

You may provide continual education around your services in order to position yourself as the authority within your industry. 

Showcasing your qualifications and experience will show your prospects that you are capable of producing quality work. Many people in the building, contracting and construction world forget at the basic level to illustrate that they are competent, let alone do they show their prospects how they are better.

The Evaluation/Offer Stage

This is the most profitable stage of your Facebook ads funnel. Your ad spend is at its lowest, but your conversion rates are at its highest.

This means that you’re going to generate leads at your lowest cost per acquisition. All the heavy lifting that you have done in the previous two stages will more than pay their dues at this stage.

The targeting for this stage is purely based upon the interaction of the interest and consideration stage.

Imagine this being like a dating scenario. You have been on a first date which was the awareness stage. You have been on multiple subsequent dates during the interest and consideration stage and now you’re ready to ask for marriage.

And the success rate of getting a yes is substantially higher on two fronts.

Firstly, you have an increased conversion rate for your Facebook ads in this stage as previously mentioned.

Secondly and potentially a monster hidden benefit that you may have not considered is that your ability to sell your leads will be substantially higher. Your conversion rate from leads a sale will improve because the prospect will have been through a journey and have a deeper understanding of your business and your service and how it relates to them.

During this stage, you’re asking your group of prospects to complete the action that gets them to become a lead for your business.

This will vary depending upon the type of services you offer.

Some common theme of ads in this stage is: free measure and quote, get your free in-house consultation, get a free 3D design of your new kitchen (substitute kitchen with your service). 

You do not want to place an ad saying something basic with no value like: “book your free consultation”. This style of call to action will not get you the best results possible. 

If you attach value with your lead process your prospects will have a far more enjoyable sales process and you will close far more deals.

An example may be:

In the above example, you’ll see that there is a call to action for a bathroom remodelling business. You’ll notice that there is value associated with someone completing the call to action.

The prospect is going to have an expert come to their home give them advice around their ideas and options. And after that will have two different design concepts to pick from to help them get the best bathroom possible


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