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If You’re Looking For A Social Media Strategy That Works, You’ve Come To The Right Place…

If you’re looking for a step by step guide on how to create a social media strategy that will allow you to suck in sales for your business, just like a vacuum cleaner, giving you a controllable and a precise way to grow your business, then this is the video for you.

Today’s video/post is going to be hugely valuable if you watch it right the way through. The reason is I’m going to show you how to create the perfect message that’s both powerful and persuasive, and I’m going to show you how you can show that message to your most ideal prospects on social media. Now it goes without saying just how good that can be for you and your business. I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of my own money promoting my own businesses. I’ve also managed millions of dollars worth of social media ad spend for my clients around the world. And the reason why I say this is not to brag, but I freely admit I have made tons of mistakes, and I probably wouldn’t make tons of mistakes in the future, but with those mistakes, I have learned so much. It’s not even funny, and I have made great mistakes, and I’ve made embarrassing mistakes, but collectively, all those mistakes, wins and losses have allowed me to create this strategy.

Then I want to present to you, so this is the reason why I think it’ll be so valuable for you to watch the video. Right the way through. With all this being said, I have spent almost a month preparing this video. I’ve got over 14 pages of handwritten notes, and I’ve got about seven pages of type notes or gearing to provide you with a hugely valuable video.

How To Define Your Objective

Okay. Let’s jump into today’s tutorial. Okay. To create your social media marketing strategy, I like to start with the end result. First, what is the objective of your social media efforts? What’s the desired end outcome? Is it a sale? Is it a consultation, a, is it an e-commerce transaction? It’s very, very important that you iron out and get clarity around what you want from your social media marketing. The reason being is that there are a whole plethora of different objectives that people want to achieve, be it brand or product awareness around a new product that they’re launching or business that they’re launching, et cetera. I cannot harp on just how important it is to really get clear on your objective. Now, typically speaking, people want to drive sales or leads with their social media marketing efforts.

A Persuasive & Logical Sales Argument

Now what I like to do is think about it as a logical sales argument.

Now, what steps do I have to take a cold prospect that’s never heard of me or never heard of my product before into a paying customer? What kind of sequential steps do I have to take them through for them to learn about my product, to gain an understanding about my product, to see the benefits and also position my product or service in the forefront of their mind as the leader in the industry? And then how do I convert them into accepting an offer in and around my product or service. Now, this is a logical kind of sales sequence that I like to think about to get to people that are cold and never heard about my business to that objective that we just spoke about. Now, this is very, very important, and this is really the essence of this video.

How you can target cold prospects that want your product or service and how you can warm them up and transition them into buyers and becoming clients or customers for your business.

Do Your Research Or Fail, Simple

So this is just the really the foundation of what you need to get thinking about to really take it your social media marketing to the next level. Now the essence of good marketing is research. Now it’s the boring part, and no one wants to do it, but it is hugely important now to give you an idea of just how important it can be and the results, all the results really come from the research that you put in.

Because by nature, we are not creative. We cannot really think of things out of thin air. We are instead we are connective. So the more you research and read and learn about your prospects, your own product or service and how your prospects see your product or service, the more you’d be able to connect that knowledge together into a fantastic logical sales argument that is hugely persuasive. So it’s imperative.

Story: How Research Took Lead Volume From 62 to 143

Case in point is a couple of years ago, I started working with a company in the United States in the financial sector. Now, what happened was is that they had a product that I wasn’t too familiar with, so I had to learn a lot about the product. And the offer also had to learn a lot about the prospects and the clients. How did they see this offer? How do they talk about this product and service, et Cetera?

Now it goes without being said. That a couple of months with no tangible results is not great and I don’t feel that great about it. But I’m happy to say that after three months, I was able to create a new Facebook campaign, a new Google ads campaign, and a new landing page. Now, all that collectively took them from 62 leads per day up to 143 leads per day.

I was able to more than doubled the number of leads this company generated within 24 hours, had a tremendous effect on the business. Both good and bad listed logistically, they had to hire more salespeople, internal processes and all that kind of fun stuff from all their fun stuff become a lot more complicated. But for me it was a massive load off my back thinking that these guys have been paying me three months and I finally got some tremendous wins on the board.

Do You Understand How Your Prospects Perceive Your Product?

But it all it came from research, and this is the process that I go through. So here we are. Now when it comes to research, you need to thoroughly understand your product and services in terms of features and benefits, and you want to look upon them as both how you do as a person with knowledge and that thoroughly understand your product and service, but more importantly from the prospect’s perspective.

So understanding the features, the core features, and understanding the benefits. Now benefits are what drive a lot of people’s decisions that features aren’t so much important, but the benefits are, and you really want to get granular talking about the functional benefits, adding a dimension to those benefits, and then adding a kind of an emotional aspect to those benefits.

Example Offer

What I want to do now is show you an example of how you can think about benefits, both the functional, then adding a dimension and adding an emotional appeal to your benefits. Now, this is the process you go through with each benefit, of your product or services. Now I’m going to use me as a bit of a cheesy example here just so you can see an example and how you can apply it to your own products and services.

So people who watch me on youtube have the opportunity to hit me up for a free video analysis of their digital marketing and ordered if you will.

I go through their Facebook ads, their Google Adwords, and their search engine optimization, any kind of aspects of their digital marketing. And in the video, I go through each individual aspect, and I show the good, the bad, and the ugly, showing you where you can improve, showing your, where you can cut spend and showing you how you can say about scale, et Cetera.

So they’re kind of the functional benefits. Now let’s add a dimension. Now adding a dimension would be, I’m going to show you how you can cut, spend and improve profitability for your digital marketing efforts. Furthermore, I’m going to show you little golden pockets that you have within your existing digital marketing that you can use to scale and drive huge amounts of sales or conversions for your own business. I’m also going to show you other ways that you could target more of your ideal prospects.

And I’m going to show you how you can craft even better messaging for those prospects. Now, that’s adding a dimension to this kind of video analysis that I offer. Now, if I wanted to add an emotional appeal to these benefits, it would go something like this. And this is a little bit exaggerated and a little bit cheesy, but, I feel like it’s an excellent way to learn about adding emotion, uh, to your benefits. So imagine getting a video audit of your digital marketing efforts that will allow you to cut, spend improving your profitability, showing you how to scale and identify little golden pockets that will enable you to target more of your ideal prospects. Delivering them and better, more powerful and persuasive message that will substantially grow your business, giving you that kind of who cares money allowing you to do what you want when you want, with who, with whom you want.

So that kind of is a cheesy way to add an emotional pill to a benefit. So with that being said, you want to really narrow down on the real core benefits and features of your product. You want to know how your benefits and features are perceived by your prospects. It’s very, very important.

How To Craft Something Unique About Your Product (Unique Mechanism)

And you also want to talk about your unique mechanism, and you want to understand your unique mechanism or unique value proposition. This is hugely important because if you do not have a unique mechanism or a unique value proposition to your product or service, you become a commodity.

People or prospects find it very hard to differentiate you and attribute to you more value. So if you’re just a generic commodity, you really want to try and add something unique to you or something that is different to your product or service that makes you substantially better or provide the prospect with a better end result.

An example of a unique mechanism or a value proposition would be like P90x. Now if you don’t know what P90x is, it’s an old, older kind of a DVD style exercise system that’s sold in the billions.

Now, I mean, these guys were selling these things like absolute hotcakes, amazing effort. But the thing is is that they tried 14 different infomercials before they cracked the right message. Now, this video that I’m presenting to you right now, I’m trying to help you craft that perfect message. Now the guys at P90 X tested 14 different infomercials before they found the right unique mechanism that worked and would allow them to scale 2 billion billions of dollars worth of sales.

Now that unique mechanism was “muscle confusion”. Now the P90X system provides you with different workouts every, each and every day, essentially confusing the muscles, yielding you more powerful and better results at the end of your exercise.

So you get the idea that you, the unique mechanism for P90x was muscle confusion. Now they tested 14 other different unique mechanisms before they found the right one. Now I am saying this story to illustrate a point of just how important it is for you to find a unique mechanism or unique value proposition for your product or service.

How To Craft An Irresistible Offer That’ll Leave Your Prospects Salivating

Now here we are again further on to the research factor is your offer. Now, your offer is more important than your product in your initial marketing. Vastly more important, and it’s essential that you want to sell the “want” of the prospect, not the need.

Now, to give you an example of this, a couple of years ago, I spoke to a gentleman, John, who had a fantastic digital product. The problem was is that he had an almost 26% refund rate. It was huge, one in four people are wanting a refund. Now he came to me and said, I want to drive more sales. I want to get even more clients and customers through this digital product that he’s selling.

And I’m thinking, this is mad a, what you need to do is cut down the refund rate that’ll have a dramatic improvement upon his frustration day today and not having any deal with refunds, et cetera.

It’ll have a dramatic effect on profitability and revenue, et cetera. And I tried to say this quickly to John, and he palmed it off and said, no, “I don’t want to focus on the refund stuff”. And I was like, okay. The light bulb went off in my head, and I said, “I need to concentrate on what he wants to do, and I’ll give him the need after the fact”.

So John and I started working together, and I went straight into sorting at the refund issue. It’s just, it was the biggest win that I could get him really, really quickly. We cut it down to 15% and almost give him about $35,000 worth of added revenue per month. This was massive.

He was jumping for joy. Really happy with me even though I didn’t give him what he wanted, I gave him what he needed. Now he was pleased, but then we quickly moved over to driving more sales. Now, this is like a little story to help you kind of get the idea of delivering the want and not the need. Very, very important.

You also want to make sure that you’re going through what your competitors are offering in terms of what the offering. Not the product, but the offer. How are they framing, how are they communicating the offer? It’s very, very important. You know, what kind of features and benefits of your offer are important and what are your competitors offering? In terms of the features and benefits, it’s very, very important.

Your Own Offer Creation Formula

Now, like a little formula I like to work with here is the WHO, what, why, when, and how.

Who is all about being specific? Specificity is king because you resonate more when you are specific to your target audience. So you might have a product that caters for different audiences or different types of clients. You want to create an offer for each and every client because it’ll resonate so much more and you will get a, so you get a far more tremendous bang for your buck.

So, for instance, you might be a, an entrepreneur. We’ll just quickly go back to my video audit or video analysis of your digital marketing. Are you a small business owner or an entrepreneur? I would call you out.

Now, The “what” is, you know, what am I offering? So are you an entrepreneur or a small business owner now that would like at a detailed digital marketing video audit or analysis.

That’s the “what” and the “why” is where you can attribute some value. Now I offer something for free. So I’ve got an offer a substantial “why”. Now the why for me is really easy because it’s something that I enjoy and it’s something that I had learned. So the “why” do I offer the video analysis is because I learned just as much going through your, your digital marketing as hopefully, you learned from me.

Now the reason is that I get to see a, a plethora of different digital marketing efforts with all the people that undertake this kind of offer that I put forth and allows me to gain insight into different markets that the way that people do things differently. So I gain huge value from it as well.

Now the “when”, can be a little bit topical in essence, you could have a short term offer, or you could have an offer that’s topical in nature.

Now the “how” is like the format, how was the offer delivered? For me, for instance, it’s through a digital medium through video. So you just sit back, and you watch me on, either on your desktop, your laptop, your iPad, or even your phone.

You watch it whenever you want, or you can make it faster, you can make it slower, et cetera. So that’s the “how”.

So this is a little formula that you can use to really narrow down on your offer and make it more powerful, more persuasive.

How To Uncover What Really Drives Your Prospects

Now the last step in the research is your prospect. Now, this is hugely important, and you’ll see why later down in the video. Now, the three things that you want to target or desires, what is the ultimate end result that people want from your product or service?

People are buying results and benefits, not the product or service in and of itself. You need to put your own feet in the shoes of your prospect, and what would you want? What is the most desirable end outcome that you can provide for your product for your prospects?

What are the beliefs that your prospects have in and around your product? Do they think that people in your industry are trying to pull the wool over their eyes? Are they sceptical? Do they have conspiracy ideas? Funny enough around your product or service? Are they brand new to your product or industry? So they’re highly susceptible to any form of marketing communication.

Furthermore, what kind of emotions do they have? What kind of feelings that they have before they buy, and what are the emotions that they want from your product? Really get specific and understand the emotional impact that your product or service offers and understand the emotion that they have during the prospective phase of the buying phase of your, of your product and service.

Now, I’m not spending much time in this, but you know there’s enormous value in what I’ve just said, and speak to your customers, speak to your prospects in a way that you can gain an insight on how they’re buying from you. This is hugely important and as I said, as we get more into the video, you’ll see why this slide in particular is, is one of the most important.

Insider Marketing Secret: Do You Know The State Of Your Market & What Message You Need To Craft?

Moving on to your social media marketing, this is one aspect that next to no one talks about, but we’ll give you that real added edge over your competitors. Now it’s evaluating where your market is and how your marketing should fit into your market.

So you might have your industry as a whole, but you might have your geographic or market as well. Now what you want to do is know where your market is positioned right now? Is it a brand new market, or is it at stage five very sophisticated? The prospects know what they want and whom they want it for. They’re just very knowledgeable about your products and services.

Stage One: Everything Is Easy

Now, if you’re in Stage one where you know you’re the first player in, you’re a Newbie, the prospects are low in scepticism, they’re likely to believe whatever you put forth or whatever claims you make, but you’ll also need to connect your product, your service to existing desire.

Again, what are the desires? Understanding your prospect is important. Typically a simple direct style of messaging will work well. You don’t have to add loads of icing on the cake here, something simple and clear is perfect. Something that has tremendous clarity that is easy to understand is what you’re looking for.

Stage Two: Your First Taste Of Competition

Now, if you’re second to market, things do change just a little bit. Now your prospects are still low in, and they’re still likely to believe that the direct style of messaging will still work.

It’s more about now finding out what’s working and then making it better using some of the principles that I’m talking about in this video and just sound general direct response marketing principles in general. But over time, towards the end of this stage, the direct claims will become less responsive. People start to think I’ve heard this all before. They’re level of proof needed to overcome that scepticism begins to rise, and we move into stage three.

Stage Three: Your Prospects Are Thinking They’ve Heard It All Before

So Stage three, your prospects are starting to think, I’ve heard this all before. The competition is beginning to say the same thing. It’s hard for prospects to distinguish you from other competitors, the prospect’s desire, your product might be fading. Here you need to start to demonstrate and substantiate your unique mechanism or unique value proposition. As I said before, this is hugely important.

When you are starting to get into this level of competition, you want to show how your unique mechanism or you now a unique value proposition helps your prospect achieve the old or desired outcome in a better way.

That’s a critical kind of sentence. It’s something that you really want to think about for a reasonable period of time. Now you’re you a unique mechanism doesn’t have to be “sciency”.

It can be something that’s just a process-based. So something that you take a prospect through a process, therefore you achieve a better end result.

Stage Four: Your Competition Are Theives

So here we are in stage four people starting to copy your unique mechanism. People are beginning to steal each other’s unique value propositions or unique mechanisms. You want to create a new unique value proposition or extend upon the old one.

Now as an example to extend upon the old one would be if you have a supplement that was selling really well, but you notice that conversion rate started to drop, what you could do is revisit your supplement formula and somehow increase the bioavailability of that product or supplement.

So in essence, you’re creating a better product, you’re able to get more of the nutrients the prospect wants into their body for them to absorb and to get more of the benefits out of in principle. So that’s a way to extend your unique mechanism or, unique value proposition.

Stage 5: Only The Smart Marketers Will Survive

Here we are at stage five. Nothing is working here. You want to go back to the prospect themselves, and that’s why spending time, learning and understanding of prospects is hugely valuable. Here you want to call out their deepest emotions or state of mind regarding your product or service. Topical news here might help.

For instance, you want to identify and build rapport with your prospect. And say, I understand where you are, I’m just like you. And therefore, your prospect starts to build trust with that kind of messaging, and they will be able to find that connection of yes, this person understands I have a rapport with them, and they may be able to help me get to this end result that I want.

You really want to go with a dominant emotion approach. And I’m going to show you an example of this. So here we have, we have an example here of a sales that are, that was mailed, and I’m talking sent in the old school direct mail. And it was also put into web format. This promotion went to millions of people in the financial sector back in 2007, where there’s a lot of scepticism around people and executives and CEOs ripping people off, et cetera.

Stage 5 Example:

So here we can see lies, lies, lies. Now, this was written by one of the world’s greatest ever copywriters and Gary Bencivenga. Now, “why we investors are fed up with everyone lying to us?” So going down that kind of anger, conspiracy route type of emotion, not talking about any real benefits here, “but getting rich the best revenge”. That is the benefit.

“The smartest ways to do it in 2007 the best and worst investments now.”

So we started to hit benefits a little bit later as we go through. It’s about rightious anger, getting revenge and the revenge is getting rich, showing these top executive people that you know, I’m just as good as you or as on better cause I’m making money even though you’re trying to rip me off.

So it gives you an example of going back to the prospect and building rapport and how the market is right now. You’re calling out the prospect talking to the, their dominant emotions that they have within, around your product and services.

Start Putting Your Funnel Together

Now I like to think of sequential marketing or this kind of marketing process or a marketing funnel. Very much like dating. Now when you first started dating someone.

You kind of can’t ask for marriage on the first date. You can technically, but it’s crazy. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a matter of female to male or whatever. It doesn’t matter on the first initial date. No one knows who you are. You’re very cold to each other.

They don’t understand the value to put it in a marketing sense of what you have to offer as a potential companion or longterm companion. The benefits that you have. I am looking at this in a, in a really a weird way, but first date companion won’t know if you’re a good person or a bad person, et cetera.

But after, you take them through a sequential kind of dating process or marketing funnel kind of thing, they will understand all the good things about you and all the bad things about you and that they’ll be able to see whether you’re the right fit for them.

So after a couple of dates, you can ask for marriage, but you probably shouldn’t ask for marriage, but you get the idea that you’ll have a better chance of success for asking for marriage. So you’re moving people from cold awareness into awareness, down to interest and into action.

Funnel Traffic Sources – Top Of Funnel Traffic Sources & Content

Now, this is what I want to talk to you about is how do you build this sequential marketing process or funnel for your own business? So here’s the marketing funnel in a bit more of a detailed fashion.

So up to the top, we have traffic, can be from Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, email, direct traffic, et cetera. Now the top of the funnel is about attracting visitors. We want to offer valuable content such as white papers, ebook, ebooks, et Cetera, things of that nature. Then we want to move them into the second, third, fourth day, the middle of the funnel here.

We move them closer to becoming a customer. We want to move them into more valuable content that positions you and your product or services as the right fit for them to achieve that desired end result that they want. And the bottom of the funnel is typically more along the lines of something tha has an offer.

So virtually my offer of the digital marketing audit analysis video what yours could be a checklist, a white paper, a consultation, a trial, etc.

I like to use custom audiences and lookalike audiences based on behaviour, and behaviour is king when it comes to marketing. I want you to start basing your marketing on behaviours because you’ll get far better results.

Believe what people do and not what they say. This saying has been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years for a reason. You want to believe people’s behaviours, not not the words that come out of their mouth.

So you can create lookalike audiences, and I’m going to show you how to do that. So lookalike audiences based on the customer list, user engagement, people who watched XYZ percentage of the video. So if you have a, a five-minute video for instance, and People Watch, you know, 75% or more, you know, that they’re very interested in and around your product and services.

So these top 25% that spent the most time watching your video or interacting with your site are the prospects who enjoyed their first date. Now you want to show them middle of funnel content and bottle bottom of funnel content and trying to get that second and third date and trying to get that marriage, trying to get that uptake of that, that, that offer that you have for that specific audience.

So what kind of material can you put out that is similar to this video as an example, some of that’s newsworthy, that’s curiosity-based or entertaining or addresses a common problem, this heaps a different type of funnel kind of content pieces. But these are just some of the best ones that I like to use with my own businesses and also with, with clients as well.

Middle & Bottom Of Funnel Traffic Sources & Content

Now, as we move into the middle and bottom, the bottom of funnel content, we want to move into more custom audiences. So people that have interacted with our top of funnel content, ideally, so these are people that have completed our desired action, such as, you know, viewing a specific page, uh, watched XYZ percentage of a video, things of that nature still based on heavily on behaviour.

They might have purchased a, or they went in and, and took a trial of your product, et Cetera. Dynamic product remarketing works very well. If you’re e-commerce, they completed some kind of a micro commitment or micro action within your business or your marketing, for instance. So these are ideal custom audiences to be pitching your bottom or middle stage type of content.

Oh, I skipped through just a little bit there. So here we are, uh, back to the middle and bottom of content. So you want to be targeting people who have shown moderate to a higher level of behavioural interest or intent on your top of funnel content. So, you’re starting to really get an idea now of how to kind of position this and stagger it and make these sequential processes types of content here at definitely case studies, product demonstration, checklists, guides, webinars, workshops some kind of unique offer you can start to, you know, pitch marriage now. If you have a unique offer for a specific audience, fantastic. This is again is where you want to start to pitch this type of stuff.

Funnel Example

Now when example a, again, I’ll just gonna use the case that I’ve been using throughout this video because it’s something that I understand. I don’t do this for myself because I’m just too busy working at my other businesses and working for clients.

So the top of the funnel will be a very much an educational video for me, just like this one that you’re sitting through now, a focus on you and helping you on how you can do better for yourself.

If I make good content, you probably understand that I know something in and about this. So can you create content that people will get an excellent understanding and it will position you like someone, as an authority in your industry be it geographically or industry wide?

Now, middle of funnel content for myself would be people who watched, you know, maybe 75% of this video. I could then offer a second piece of content that’s very similar perhaps on how to create custom audiences and lookalike audiences, which would be something that is a very seamlessly connects to this video.

As an example, I could also show case studies and testimonials of previous results as a middle of funnel content. Now as we move on to the bottom of funnel content, I could offer you the chance to, to fill in a form and get this digital marketing video analysis.

In the analysis, I will go through your Google ad words, your Facebook search engine optimization, email, landing pages, things of that nature, all done by video. You can watch it whenever you want. You can speed it up, you consult down, you can watch it repetitively. It’s you, it’s for you. It’s private. I go through the good, the bad, the ugly allowing you in essence to improve your own marketing.

So, that would be the offer that I would, I would show. So with all this being said, you now have the tools to create a fantastic social media marketing strategy for yourself.

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